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Series 1 Land Rover SPARES


1953 Siamese 2 Litre Petrol Engine

Serial Number:36132450

Can be heard running, no tapping, rattles etc

100% complete with :-



Engine mounts



Heater pipes also included

£Sorry Sold

Full PTO with Guard

To fit Series 1 SWB - 86" & 88"

Complete and working

£1,250 plus VAT


Iso speedic Governor

To fit Series 1

Condition unknown

Turns freely and levers move OK.

Type 545/9

Serial no: 2691024


Genuine SU Fuel Pump

Part number: AUA25

12v Dual Polarity Points

£93.60 including VAT

(£78 plus VAT)

80" Flexible Brake Hose

Part number: 219824

£14 including VAT

(£11.67 plus VAT)



Minerva Bulkhead

These are very similar to Series 1 80 inch and can be used as a replacement.

Requires some work but very usable.


VAT Not Applicable




Imported from Australia
Chassis for Series 1 88"

Chassis number : 1137008**
(no documents)

Excellent condition.


Including VAT (£1250 plus VAT)




Imported from Australia
Chassis for Series 1 86"

1955 Model Year

Chassis number : 576602**
(no documents)

Very good condition, the front cross member has been cut and will need replaceing (available from Radfords and the gearbox crossmember is non standard.


Including VAT (£1,000 plus VAT)